Tenyo Elite - Zig Zag Cig

Zig Zag Cig

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The impossible close-up illusion!

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EFFECT: This is a miniaturized version of the large stage illusion, where a woman is zig-zagged into 3 parts. In the basic effect of the Zig Zag Cig, a cigarette is placed into a small wood box, and through windows in the box it remains in full view. While the spectators are actually looking at the cigarette, the middle portion of the box is pulled to the side, cutting the cigarette into 3 separate pieces. These pieces can be immediately removed and examined. The 3 pieces are then put back into the box, and the middle portion is pushed back into place, instantly restoring the cigarette! The cigarette can then be handed out to the spectators for examination. In alternate versions for non-smokers, the performer can instead use a small golf pencil or metal bar (both included with this trick) to be cut into 3 pieces and then restored again.

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