Tenyo Elite - Ultra Tube

Ultra Tube
Originally released in 1977
Invented by Shigeru Sugawara

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End of February, 2017


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$50 USD S&H for International orders
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What'll Happen Inside The Tube

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EFFECT: The performer displays a beautiful walnut wooden tube, shown on all sides it is seen to be completely empty. A white die is introduced and examined to be completely ordinary and un-gimmicked. The white die is inserted into the wooden tube, which is just large enough to accept it. The Tube is tilted up allowing the white die to slide all the way to the bottom of the tube. The tube is now turned upside down allowing the white die to slide back out of the tube, but amazingly it changes to a red die! The tube is shown to be empty once again and the red die is examined, it is inserted back into the tube. The tube is pointed right at the spectators so they can see the red die is in the tube. The performer makes a magical pass and the red die visually changes back into the white die right before their eyes. The tube is inclined allowing the white die to slide back out of the tube for examination.

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