Tenyo Elite - Match-Sticks


The Perfect Prediction

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EFFECT: The performer begins by asking the audience to indulge him in a little experiment, in which together they will explore the possibilities of extrasensory perception or ESP. A volunteer is selected from the audience and joins the magician at his table. Eight wooden sticks are introduced; four are light -colored in appearance and four are dark. Each set of sticks (light and dark) has numbers on them ranging from one to four. Both sets are placed on the table face down so that neither the performer nor his volunteer can see the numbers. Both sets of sticks are mixed up. The performer then looks at his volunteer and begins concentrating, but only for a moment. Without hesitation the performer removes one of the light-colored sticks and sets it aside. This, he explains, is a prediction. The volunteer is then asked to select any one of the four dark-colored sticks. Once selected, both sticks are turned over and it is seen that they each bare the same number! This may be repeated with the remaining sticks. No matter which stick the volunteer chooses it will always match the one chosen by the performer. In fact, should the audience member randomly select two different sticks, they will still match!

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