Tenyo Elite - Magical Door

Magical Door

Magically penetrate a key!

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The performer begins by asking the audience to participate in a little experiment, in which together they will explore the possibility of defying the laws of physics, as science understands them. A volunteer is selected from the audience and asked to join the magician at his table. The performer proceeds to remove a small brass key and a metal chain from his coat pocket and casually places both of them upon the table. Next, he reaches into another pocket and produces two wooden panels, which are shown to the audience. Each panel is seen to have a small keyhole cut directly through its center. The set of panels is accompanied by a small wooden stand, which has two small slots cut into it. The stand is placed onto the table and one at a time the magician inserts the two panels into the slots. The audience can clearly see that both plates are now being held by the stand in a vertical orientation. The performer now removes the key from the chain and places it upon the table. The chain is extended between the performer’s hands and placed between the two plates. Once the chain is between both plates the magician releases the chain, which now falls completely to the table. The audience can see the brass key being inserted thru the two keyholes. The performer informs the audience that it is now impossible to lift the chain back up through the two panels, because the key is resting inside the keyholes thus preventing the chain from passing. To lift the chain through the key would be an impossible feat, as a solid object simply cannot pass thru another solid object. To do so would be against the laws of physics as science understands them, right? The magician then grasps the chain from both ends and begins to lift the chain upwards. Unsurprisingly as the chain slides upward, the shaft of the key blocks it, so both panels and the stand begin to rise above the table as well. The performer briefly lowers the panels and stand back onto the table. The audience is then astonished when suddenly, with one quick motion, the magician’s hands pull from opposite directions, and the chain penetrates completely thru the key – solid thru solid! The experiment is a success and the laws of physics have been broken!

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